If Only They Could Speak (excerpts)

It’s been over two and a half years since I last published a post containing excerpts of stories from my blog, so now seemed a good time for another one! As before, I’m posting short extracts from twenty stories, but this time with a strong animal connection: there are dogs and cats aplenty plus the odd duck, red kite and puma! As always, I state the word count, to give an idea how much time it would take to read the full story. There are tales old and new here, so I’m confident you’ll find something to enjoy! Duck Surprise (200 words) Sheldon paddled nonchalantly, maintaining his favoured position in the middle of the pool. He watched the other ducks near the bank scrabbling for bread with disdain – his mother had always told him he had superior intelligence. If Only They Could Speak (650 words) “Rudyard, here Rudyard!” Rudyard’s ginger face appeared in the doorway. He hesitated, seeing a stranger in the room. “Here kitty, good kitty!” called William Wilde, professor William Wilde as he now was. Gingerly, Rudyard came into the study, studiously ignoring Willy and jumped onto my lap, purring. His huge yellow eyes looked up at me quizzically. ....

Having a Laff (excerpts)

20 Little Excerpts from the Humorous Side of My Blog (links open in new window/tab) It was a dull claustrophobic December day and flakes of grey-white snow were settling on the terrace behind King’s Antiquarian Booksellers. Maggie Swann, matriarch of Swann’s Rare Books, crossed it to enter an annex. Inside, in eerie silence, anonymous leather-bound volumes … Continue reading Having a Laff (excerpts)

So Many Ways to Die

- 20 little extracts from the dark side of my blog  - (links open in new window/tab) Exiting the lift, his stomach lurched. Grant appeared. “Hello Jonathan, ready?” “Hello, no, I need the bathroom.” “There’s one right here. It’s just been renovated.” Grant gestured to a door, labelled ‘Danger, Keep Out’. - The 100th Story (200 words) … Continue reading So Many Ways to Die