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Index updated to Mon 13th Jul 2020 (Wish Upon a Star)


1-100       400 – Gon
101-200   Gon – Pub
201-300   Qui – Thr
301-331    Tig – Zip


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nos. 1-100
  title‘publication’   dateno. of words
1400 Followers, 400 Great Posts! [blog]11th Mar 20185,000
2A Baker’s Dozen of Favourites – links to published posts6th Sep 2017 
3A Controlling Interest
10th Jul 2016200
4A Dartmoor Childhood
15th Nov 2015200
5A Design for Death
3rd Apr 2016200
6A Flick of the Knife – A Halloween Story
30th Oct 2016600
7A Flying Visit15th Jul 20181300
8A Friend in Need
24th Jan 2016200
9A Girl Like Alice24th May 2018650
10A Hidden Place
29th May 2017550
11A Kind of Peace17th Dec 2018750
12A Labour of Magick
13th Feb 2017600
13A Merry Dance
29th Dec 20161,000
14A Night on the Clown
17th Apr 2016200
15A Personal Experience
18th Oct 2015200
16A Saucerful of Bullshit
27th Oct 2016400
17A Tall Story24th Sep 20181450
18A Tube of Toothpaste24th Nov 2019700
19A Visit from Saint Nicolas – 2017 Version.
9th Jan 2018495
20Ad Pacem
24th Jan 2016200
21Addressing Impatience
22nd Sep 2016200
22Adrenaline Junkie
26th Jun 2016200
23All Apologies: A Writer’s A-Z (blog)3rd Dec 20182200
24All Change
24th Jul 2016200
25Amid the Winter’s Snow
29th Sep 2016200
26Amid the Winter’s Snow – 500 word version
7th Nov 2016500
27An Eye for an Eye1st Oct 20181400
28Angels and Cards
8th Jun 2017600
29Another Splash
15th May 2016200
30Are You Being Served? (TASWG)
10th Apr 20161,414
31Arse from His Elbow18th Jun 2018550
32As Jehovah is My Witness – dialogue (TASWG)
8th May 2016231
33Ask and It Is Given14th Oct 2019750
34Away with the Fairies
13th Jun 2017800
35Biggest Brother – SF plots (TASWG)12th Jun 2016459
36Billy Bunter’s Christmas Surprise23rd Dec 20192000
37Black Swan, Green Lizard
15th Dec 2016700
38Blind Hope
16th Oct 2017500
39Blind Panic
15th Mar 2017600
6th Mar 2016200
41Bound in Morocco: Part 1 – ‘Welcome to Marrakech!’
17th Jan 20167,224
42Boxed Into a Corner
20th Dec 20171,200
43Brief Encounter24th Aug 2020 (scheduled)1200
44Brother, Oh, Brother!14th Apr 2018650
45But Can You Hide?8th Feb 2018600
46Chateau Courdermaire
13th Feb 2018850
47Chivvers’ Foibles
29th Aug 2016200
48Cilice Sod
7th Aug 2016200
49Circles and Stones10th Jul 20181,400
50Clarissa’s Missives
8th Feb 2017600
51Clarissa’s Missives – Part Three
17th Aug 20171,500
52Clarissa’s Missives – Part Two
29th Apr 20171,100
12th Jun 2016200
54Comic Tragedy
20th Nov 2017900
27th Feb 2016500
56Cruising Down The River
15th Dec 20171,300
57Danny and the Dolly Bird2nd Mar 20201100
58Daydream Believer30th Dec 2019700
59Deaf Date23rd Mar 2020600
60Death by DVD
18fh Feb 2018850
61Death of a Dear Friend
24th Jul 2016200
62Death Will Have His Day29th Jun 2020800
63Discourtesy24th Feb 20201100
64Dog Story10th Aug 2019850
65Doing Time7th Jan 2019700
66Don’t Dig for Bombs! 30th Aug 20181200
67Don’t Know What to Write?
23rd Feb 2017800
68Don’t Mind the Police!
30th Nov 2015100
69Double Trouble
20th Mar 2016200
70Down and Out17th Aug 2020 (scheduled)c. 1000
71Dream of a Stone Horse
30th Apr 2016100
72Dreams on Board23rd Jun 2018650
73Duck Surprise
21st Feb 2016200
31st Dec 2015100
75Earthbound14th Aug 2018850
76EC was Here
27th Aug 2017750
77Electricidad9th Sep 2019650
78Elf Service
14th Jan 2017700
79Encounter on London Bridge
18th Oct 2015200
80Erection and Resurrection
10th Nov 2016600
81Every Day is a Poem (poems)10th Jul 2020500
82Evil versus Evil19th May 2018900
83Fallen Hero2nd Jun 20201200
84Falling for the Boss
25th Mar 2017500
85Femme Fatal
31st Jan 2016100
86Fibonacci ‘n’ Chardonnay
11th Dec 2016700
87Fight for the Earth14th Sep 2020 (scheduled)800
88Fire Words16th Dec 20191000
89Flash Fiction Matters [blog]24th May 20172,250
90Flip Side
3rd Feb 2017600
91For She Had Eyes ….
25th Dec 20171,200
92Four Red Roses – A Valentine Story10th Feb 2020750
93Fox Meat in Aspic
13th Dec 2015200
94Free Money
28th Feb 2018650
95Fried Onions19th Dec 2019800
96Full Fathom Five
5th Mar 20171,300
97Gender Concerns11th Feb 20191000
98Get in the Habit! (TASWG)
12th Jun 2016500
99Golden Tips
30th Dec 20171,000
100Gone25th Mar 2019800
nos. 101-200
101Gone Fishing
29th Jan 2017700
102Goodbye Bernie, Hello Samantha26th May 20201000
103Gravity Hill
12th Aug 2017800
104Great Aunt Delilah’s Blanket9th Dec 2019700
105Green and Pink19th Nov 20181150
106Guest Post: iPademonium by Martyn Searle [Blog]18th Nov 2019600
107Guest Post: Until The Nows Come Home by Peter Runfola [Blog]28th Jun 2018400
108Having a Laff (20 short extracts from published posts – humour)18th Feb 20171,000
109Having the Family for Dinner6th Apr 2020900
110Heartless Desires
14th Apr 2017600
111Hen Morning
1st Oct 2016200
112Here Comes the Sun
7th Dec 2016500
113Here’s Looking at Your Kid
29th Jan 2018650
114Hey Kid, Wanna Write a Story? [blog]28th Jun 2019700
115Hibars and Lobars (20 short extracts from published posts – SF/fantasy)30th Dec 2016850
116Hopes and Arrows
17th Apr 2016200
117How to Eat a Peanut
18th Jun 2017500
118I Dream of Diwana
16th Sep 2017850
119I Dream of Diwana: 2000 Word Version
5th Nov 20172,000
120If It Wasn’t for You20th Jul 2020 (scheduled)1500+
121If Only They Could Speak
23rd Jun 2017650
122If Only They Could Speak [Excerpts]28th Oct 2019 
123If Two Witches Were Watching…
10th Sep 2016200
124If Two Witches Were Watching… (400 word version)
9th Apr 2017400
125Incident at Clibbon’s Farm
24th Jul 2016200
126Incident on Putney Bridge
11th Sep 2017700
127Inventions Я Us
1st Sep 2016300
128Is There Anybody There?
21st Oct 20171,000
129It’s Dark in Here12th Aug 20191000
130It’s Supranatural! (20 short extracts from published posts – supernatural)4th Apr 20171,000
131Jazz Guys17th Jun 20201250
132Just One Little Crumb8th Apr 20191700
133Just the Ticket
5th Dec 20171,000
134Kaleidoscope1st Apr 20191500
135Keeping It in the family
6th Oct 2017700
136Killer on the Road
20th Dec 2016500
137Knocker Quarry28th Jan 20191150
138Labradorescence13th Jan 2020750
139Legend of the Sprogge – poem (TASWG)14th Feb 2016216
140Legless in the Park
15th May 2016200
141Letters from Reuben2nd Dec 2019700
142Life on Mars
31st Oct 2015100
143Little Pricks in the Night
18th Sep 2016200
144Lobar Limbo
13th Dec 2015200
145Lost Memories
19th Apr 2017600
146Love, Let Us! – acrostic poem (TASWG)14th Feb 201662
147Lucifer’s Kitchen
29th Jul 2016500
148Luck of the Devil
12th Nov 2016500
149Marley’s Spirit
6th Sep 2016200
150Medium Rare
20th Oct 2016300
151Mediumship Development – A Personal Experience [blog]10th May 2018800
7th Aug 2016200
153Memories of Oscar [blog]11th Oct 2017750
154Midnight Train to Marylebone30th Jul 20181200
155Mind Your Subconscious!
27th Dec 2015200
156Mirror Man
12th Jun 2016200
157Miss Chan Takes a Trip
27th Dec 2015200
25th Nov 20171,000
159Moonlit Gravestones
14th May 2017550
160Mortal Gods – cover art description (TASWG)
14th Feb 2016390
161My Name is Ian Z McPhee (TASWG)
10th Apr 2016627
162Myrtle Shaw Investigates8th Jun 20181300
163Mysterious Ways
3rd Apr 2016200
164Neck Snapping Time11th Nov 2019600
165Nellie’s Law8th Jul 20191100
166Never Lovelier12th May 2020850
167New Forest Frolics
4th May 20171,750
168New Year’s Eve Ritual
19th Jan 2017500
29th Nov 2015200
170Nine Miles to the Silent Woman3rd Jun 20181000
171No Gold Pavements
31st Oct 2017600
172Not to Forget, but to Forgive (poem)21st Jan 2019255
173November 9
28th Jul 2017800
174Now I am Ten4th Mar 2019600
175Oh, Moo-ah Moo-ah!
24th Jan 2018500
176On Strings8th Oct 2018800
177On the House20th Apr 2020700
178One Man in His Time
3rd Jul 2017650
179One Way Trip2nd Sep 2019850
180One Year of my Blog: 20 Useful Tips! [blog]22nd Aug 20174,750
181Onwards and Upwards [blog]24th Aug 2016500
182Opportunity Knocked15th Apr 2019800
183Orwyn’s Ring
7th Feb 2016200
184Out and out and out
20th Mar 2018400
185Out of the Woods – story with/without clichés (TASWG)13th Mar 2016400
186Out There
23rd Jul 2017700
187Payback Time
26th Oct 2017850
188Peer’s of Wigan
29th Nov 2015200
189Phoning a Friend
7th Aug 2017700
190Phoning a Friend: 1200 word version
1st Oct 20171,200
191Pie in the Sky16th Mar 20201100
192Pills for Thrills
1st Sep 2017600
193Play with Emotions
27th Dec 2015200
194Playing God
16th Oct 2016300
195Poor Rose15th Jul 20191100
196Postcard from Hispaniola
2nd Aug 2017150
197Priceless18th Mar 2019650
198Probably the Best Lager … 18th May 2020800
199Promise Her the Moon
18th Jul 2017800
200Publishing the Best of Your Blog is as Easy as 1-2-3! [blog]8th Jul 20173,500
nos. 201-300
201Quid Pro Quo25th Feb 2019650
202Reba’s Wedding17th Feb 2020800
203Red Nose Day
10th Nov 2017550
204Red Snow4th May 2018500
205Reflections of a Traitor9th Aug 20181200
206Remembrance14th Jan 2019900
207Rest Room
1st Nov 2015200
208Return of the Gnome
4th Apr 20181,000
15th Nov 2015200
210Reviews of TCASSS [blog]24th Apr 2018c. 800
211Riddle-me-ree [blog]20th Jul 2018250
212Ringing the Changes
1st Mar 20161,750
213Saint Peter29th Oct 20181050
214Saint Teresa of Woking
22nd Aug 20161,167
215Saint Teresa of Woking 600 word version
1st Feb 2016600
216Salmon and Soul
30th Nov 20171,200
21st Sep 2017850
218Scene in a Lincolnshire Churchyard
10th Mar 2017500
219Seeing What Isn’t There
26th Aug 2016200
220Seeking Villa Nowhere3rd Feb 2020900
19th Jan 2018700
222Sheldon’s Secret
21st Feb 2016200
223Shelly in the Jungle19th Aug 2019650
224Shine On
23rd Feb 20181,500
225Si Vicium In Petasus
1st May 2016200
226Silence is an Empty Space10th Dec 20181000
227Simon’s Lamb and Vegetable Madras Curry [blog]30th Mar 2018575
228Sink or Swim27th Jul 2020 (scheduled)700
229Six Silver Moonbeams7th Sep 2020 (scheduled)c. 1500
230So Many Ways to Die (20 short extracts from published posts – horror)29th Nov 20161,000
231Something to Do with the Sea23rd Jul 2019750
232Souls and Arrows
14th Jan 20181,000
31st Mar 2016100
234Spilling the Beans11th Mar 2019650
235Statue at Liberty
13th Jul 2017700
236Steal a Little Dream
3rd Nov 2016500
237Stone the Crows!1st Jul 2019800
238Stripogram Girls – potential plots (TASWG)13th Mar 2016604
239Summer is Springing Up – descriptive passage (TASWG)8th May 2016252
240Sycamore the Wise13th Jun 2018950
241Take A Long Holiday..
10th Jan 2016200
242Tangled Lives15th Oct 2018700
243Taylor Maid
30th Mar 2017600
244Teeth Can Wait
25th Mar 2016500
245Terrace with Tortoises – scene description (TASWG)13th Mar 2016321
246Tetford, No Ordinary Village
27th Jun 2016500
247The 100th Story
24th Sep 2016200
248The Artifact
15th Mar 2018875
249The Biggest Bang
9th May 2017800
250The Black Swan
29th Oct 2015590
251The Blob from Outer Space
7th Feb 2016200
252The Boy in the Attic3rd Aug 2020 (scheduled)800
253The Butterfly’s Revenge4th Feb 2019400
254The Cat Will Mew …20th Jan 2020750
255The Coffee Break
6th Mar 2016200
256The Diogenes Syndrome22nd Apr 2019750
257The Downfall of British Journalism
28th Feb 2017500
258The Electric Frying Pan
19th May 2017500
259The Fabled Fox
24th Jan 2017400
260The Final Crossing19th Apr 2018550
261The Final Mystery
31st Oct 2015100
262The Girl from the Labyrinth
10th Jul 2016200
263The Great and the Good28th Sep 2020 (scheduled)900
264The Healer2nd Aug 2019800
265The Hollow Santa
25th Dec 2016500
266The Ideomotor Effect10th Sep 20181250
267The Little Silver Horse8th Jun 2020850
268The Magic Onion 
15th Nov 2017650
269The Magic Roundabout27th Jan 2020500
270The Majorette
Sep 30th 2015100
271The Medium is the Message22nd Oct 2018600
272The Miner10th Aug 2020 (scheduled)1000
273The Ministry of Truth, Revisited4th Aug 2018850
274The Moonlit Garden (A Play)9th Mar 20202000
275The Mound Folk29th May 2018850
276The Neighbour
15th Nov 2015200
277The Old Fuse Trick13th Apr 2020850
278The Optimist Creed (by Christian D. Larson) [blog]9th Apr 2018200
279The Other Woman
26th Jun 2016200
280The Price of Silver24th Jun 2019850
281The Psychic on the Hill26th Nov 20181700
282The Real Doctor Lamont
1st Nov 2015200
283The Roaring Sun – poems (TASWG)12th Jun 201667
284The Rump of Midas
9th Jan 2017700
285The Saltby St. Mary’s Murders
1st May 2016200
286The Scrying Game
29th May 2016200
287The Shell People14th May 2018850
288The Story of a Bullet
10th Jan 2016200
289The Strangest Cross26th Aug 2019700
290The Suspect
30th Nov 2015100
291The Tale of Tobias Squire25th Jul 2018600
292The Telos Project21st Sep 2020 (scheduled)900
293The Visitation
4th Jan 2018900
294The War and Starvation Diet
20th Mar 2016200
295The Window Crack’d27th Apr 2020650
296This Post is Dedicated to You, Dear Reader [blog]3rd Sep 2016500
297Three Lives
10th Dec 2017550
298Three Quote Challenge: Day 1 – Charles F. Haanel [blog]3rd Jul 2018800
299Three Quote Challenge: Day 2 – Neville Goddard [blog]4th Jul 2018850
300Three Quote Challenge: Day 3 – Rhonda Byrne [blog]5th Jul 2018500

nos 301-331
301Tiger Tiger
29th Nov 2015200
302Time Games31st Aug 2020 (scheduled)1200
303Time of Death
28th Jun 2017600
304Time out of Joint30th Apr 2018500
305Timothy the Armchair12th Nov 2018950
306Tiny Demons
3rd Dec 2016600
307Tiny Yellow Kites (20 short extracts from published posts)4th Sep 2016800
308Titillating Titles and Tantalizing Taglines. – blog
27th Aug 2016300
29th May 2016200
310To Cut a Short Story Short – The Book! – blog
3rd Jun 2017300
311To Cut a Short Story Short, vol. II: 88 Little Stories [blog]3rd Jan 2019400
312To Unpathed Waters, Undreamed Shores30th Jul 2019600
5th Mar 2018700
314Twenty Questions About the Putney Bridge Jogger Case That Must Be Answered [blog]21st Aug 2017700
315Uncle Ambrose6th Jan 2020850
316Violets are Violet, Letters are Read (20 short extracts from published posts)
6th Oct 20161,200
317Voices from the Ether
11th Dec 20151,000
318Walls Have Mouths (TASWG)
10th Apr 2016782
319What am I? (riddle) [blog]18th Feb 2019123
320What the Devil?
29th Feb 2016100
321What’s in a Name?30th Mar 2020600
322What’s in Store?
26th Sep 20171,100
323When Something Stinks3rd Sep 2018700
324Where Am I? – riddle (TASWG)8th May 201691
325Where is Your Mind?
10th Jan 2016200
326Where’s Superman When He’s Needed?25th Mar 2018600
327Why is the Moon Hollow?
24th Apr 2017600
328Wish Upon a Star13th Jul 20201100
329Yesterday’s News
30th Sep 2015100
330Your Head in Our Hands5th Nov 2018900
331Zip It!
4th Jan 2017900

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