Hibars and Lobars (excerpts)


20 Little Excerpts from the SF/Fantasy Side of my Blog

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For no reason I went round the back and peered through our dining room window. I was surprised to see my parents, turned away fortunately, and my sister Judy comatose on the table. – A Controlling Interest (200 words)

“Control of the media. That’s what’s going on!” Frank’s pale blue eyes were staring, his face flushed, and his mop of ginger hair tousled. “I’m telling you what I saw. There were a couple of hundred others, at least. They saw it too!”
“Calm down darling, I’m not saying I don’t believe you. It’s just…. – A Saucerful of Bullshit (400 words)
Hating the feeling of apprehension, Pythis went upstairs for the luggage. Two large packs were thrown down the stairwell, tumbling like dice. One spilled outside, just as his father led an animal past. It resembled an anteater but with four long ostrich-like legs. – Another Splash (200 words)
There was no receptionist, just two lift doors, one orange, one green. Each one had a large shiny silver button to the right of it. Here goes! I plumped for the orange door and pressed the corresponding button. The door whispered open, revealing a spacious mirrored interior and I stepped inside. – Are You Being Served? (1414 words)
In the near future a device is invented which, when implanted into the brain, gives the user access to intense sexual gratification by simply pressing a button. However, the government then decide to tax the use of the device. – Biggest Brother (SF prompts, 459 words)
When I’d called into the Black Swan’s usual Tuesday evening music event, I hadn’t really expected to be snowed on.
A local pianist was noodling on the piano whilst a young chap, with short black hair and a comb-over dyed purple and green in part, was brandishing some brass rings at a table.
“We’ve a magician tonight, Andrew someone,” – Black Swan, Green Lizard (700 words)
The act over, he slept, waking to the burning light of twin suns. He reached out but she‘d gone – for now, back to her kind. – Dumb (100 words)
Noticing a black beetle-like car approaching, his heart skipped a beat – The Police! The vehicle cruised to a stop and a metallic voice rang out.
“Who are you and where are you going?”
“Who, me? Just walking home.” – Encounter on London Bridge (200 words)
When he looked it wasn’t there. Thomas Edison Jr., proprietor of Inventions Я Us, shifted a pile of complex schematics, exasperated. Where on Earth was his cigar cutter? – Inventions Я Us (300 words)
Steven smiled. “Obviously I can’t tell you everything but we use tiny little drones that look like insects. They use facial recognition technology. They inject various poisons, all are undetectable – death looks natural… You’d just leave a window open…” – Little Pricks in the Night (200 words)
Now silent, the powerful car ploughed on through the night. In all lanes of the motorway, relentless traffic – headlights dazzling, red tail-lights shining, occupants invisible. – Lobar Limbo (200 words)
We’d been out to dinner, where we’d discussed my forthcoming sex change, and taken a backroad home. Normally moths sparkled in the headlights and sometimes hares ran on the road. Tonight, nothing moved save wraiths of hovering grey-white mist. – Mementoes (200 words)
“Inventions of the subconscious mind, landscapes of the night – dreams!” Professor Quint spoke dramatically. The students paid rapt attention.
“Dreams can have the most fantastical plots – it’s as if your subconscious mind is instantly composing a complex screenplay. – Mind Your Subconscious (200 words)
‘It was incredible and completely unexpected; the sensations as our fingers touched was electric; my heart skipped a beat and I momentarily forgot to breathe.’My Name is Ian Z. McPhee (627 words)
A hush fell and a neat, grey suited man appeared. “Ladies and Gentlemen, a star known as Nibiru and its four planets are approaching Earth. This is being suppressed!” – Nibiru (200 words)
“Have you thought how many grains of sand are on this beach?” said Julie, lowering her bright blue rubber bikini top to rub sun cream into puffy white flesh. She let a handful of sand trickle through her fingers. “100, 200, 300…” – Playing God (300 words)
At midnight, whilst the moon threw shadows like huge gravestones across the street, he would walk, seeking the aroma he desired. His face was gaunt and sallow, his lips thin and red, and his eyes as black as infinity. – Steal a Little Dream (500 words)
From a speck of jelly-like substance, the organism had doubled its size every hour. Now just twelve hours later, it was pushing up the laboratory ceiling, a huge white blob of viscous cellular material. – The Blob from Outer Space (200 words)
His companion Matt steered the rover in the direction of six thimble-shaped buildings. “Look at all that shit on them!” Hard to believe they had once been white. Now they were barely distinguishable from the rolling red Martian hills behind them. – Tiny Demons (600 words)
“Faster than thought!” reflected Dr. Smeaton, sitting in Obama Lunar Base. A screen showed a scene on Earth, a pubescent girl with protruding teeth connected to electrical equipment. – Where is Your Mind? (200 words)

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