As Jehovah is My Witness

TASWG assignment: Write a short piece of dialogue, (200 words approx.) between two people without overusing the word ‘said’, and giving the characters individual patterns of speech so that the reader will be able to tell who is speaking by the speech alone. - “Hello, I’d like to talk about how Jesus can help you.” … Continue reading As Jehovah is My Witness

Summer is Springing Up

TASWG assignment: choose your favourite season and write a poem or descriptive passsage about it. - Rain lashes on my window, but it’s a different rain. Lighter and brighter, it falls gently, whispering “spring is coming.” Then it stops and puffy white clouds laugh in the cerulean sky, whilst the sun’s rays ignite raindrops remaining … Continue reading Summer is Springing Up

‘Mortal Gods’ – cover illustration

TASWG assignment: Create a character with full description in the manner of Charles Dickens. I chose to describe the female alien on the cover of Mortal Gods by Jonathan Fast, illustration by Jim Burns. She sits on a spacious light brown leather-like seat in a strange craft, the back of the pilot’s green helmet to her right … Continue reading ‘Mortal Gods’ – cover illustration