Red Snow

(500 words) It is snowing at the checkpoint and John and Abbie are outside, gazing over the border to the Taebaek mountains, and freedom. “You come, please,” says the guard, his green tunic emblazoned with enigmatic decorations and his oversized green cap looking surprisingly uncomic. I look through the window to see Abbie throw a snowball at her dad. They are both laughing. “But we’re going soon, the bus’ll be here.” “You come.” North Korean guards aren’t people you ignore. He leads me into a small, austere office.

Keeping It in the Family

(700 words) “Hard to imagine he’ll get away with it,” said my sister Donna. “Well, he says if we both stick to the story, they can’t prove anything.” Donna looked thin and pale, not surprising, considering the strain we’d all been living under. “I still can’t believe it, that poor woman!” “Look, I know it’s … Continue reading Keeping It in the Family

Don’t Know What to Write?

(800 words) Journalism was my husband’s profession. His name was Alan Worley and the ‘six honest serving-men’ gave his work the acuity and aplomb that propelled his novel, ‘Uprising in Eden,’ a tale of human duplicity in the garden of Eden, to fame. Following its prodigious success, he’d pulled the plug on his newspaper work … Continue reading Don’t Know What to Write?

Having a Laff (excerpts)

20 Little Excerpts from the Humorous Side of My Blog (links open in new window/tab) It was a dull claustrophobic December day and flakes of grey-white snow were settling on the terrace behind King’s Antiquarian Booksellers. Maggie Swann, matriarch of Swann’s Rare Books, crossed it to enter an annex. Inside, in eerie silence, anonymous leather-bound volumes … Continue reading Having a Laff (excerpts)

Hibars and Lobars (excerpts)

- 20 Little Excerpts from the SF/Fantasy Side of my Blog (links open in new window/tab) For no reason I went round the back and peered through our dining room window. I was surprised to see my parents, turned away fortunately, and my sister Judy comatose on the table. - A Controlling Interest (200 words) … Continue reading Hibars and Lobars (excerpts)

The Hollow Santa

- (500 words) - Christmas 2026, and we had our best tree ever! It was green and frosted silver, perfectly proportioned and reached right up to the ceiling. Its branches were adorned with opalescent silver and golden balls, crimson poinsettia sprays and gold-frosted holly leaves. Giant white snow flakes twinkled in the light of red … Continue reading The Hollow Santa

So Many Ways to Die

- 20 little extracts from the dark side of my blog  - (links open in new window/tab) Exiting the lift, his stomach lurched. Grant appeared. “Hello Jonathan, ready?” “Hello, no, I need the bathroom.” “There’s one right here. It’s just been renovated.” Grant gestured to a door, labelled ‘Danger, Keep Out’. - The 100th Story (200 words) … Continue reading So Many Ways to Die

Story Index – 27th Nov 2016

If you are interested in joining a fortnightly 300 word story group please contact me and I’ll send details. UPDATED TO 11TH DECEMBER (Links open in new window/tab) To see these stories listed under categories please see my new contents page    title publication’ date no. of words 1 A Controlling Interest 10th Jul 2016 … Continue reading Story Index – 27th Nov 2016

Story Index – 20th Oct 2016

If you are interested in joining a fortnightly 300 word story group please contact me and I’ll send details.  title ‘publication’ date no. of words 1 A Controlling Interest 10th Jul 2016 200 2 A Dartmoor Childhood 15th Nov 2015 200 3 A Design for Death 3rd Apr 2016 200 4 A Friend in Need … Continue reading Story Index – 20th Oct 2016

Violets are Violet, Letters are Read

- 20 (more) little extracts from my new blog. (links open in new window/tab) - Deeply absorbed in my lunch at Olive’s, I heard my smartphone buzz with a message. ‘Please bring October figures to the Saudi meeting. Vernon.’ Damn! I’d forgotten it’d been rescheduled; I had just ten minutes! I ran outside to a … Continue reading Violets are Violet, Letters are Read