Cilice Sod

- Penance or Purgatory? As a practising Catholic, the daily dilemma. Until yesterday. After the office, I’d address my lascivious thoughts of the women there. I had my little ‘collection’ - hair shirts, a lightweight five-tailed ‘discipline,’ and others. Dissatisfied with Hail Mary’s and the like, I’d mop up the blood with an old towel. … Continue reading Cilice Sod

Mysterious Ways

‘Pulpit John’ was the title of a colourful biography, published by St. Patrick’s Church, about Father John McCormick. Garlic on his breath now wafted through the confessional screen there. “Bless me Father ...” I’d reviewed the Catholic Answers website - it was definitely a mortal sin. Unless I received Absolution I would go to Hell. … Continue reading Mysterious Ways