Clarissa’s Missives – Part Three

(1500 words) The third and final part of what became a trilogy! Links to parts one and two: Clarissa's Missives - Part One, Clarissa's Missives - Part Two - It was almost 2 p.m. by the time they got back. I’d taken the dogs to the park for a run and a ‘poo,' poop-bag at … Continue reading Clarissa’s Missives – Part Three

Clarissa’s Missives – Part Two

Link to part 1:  Clarissa’s Missives (1100 words) I awoke. Had I heard a noise? Naked, I was snuggled up to Clarissa’s equally naked back, one arm around her, my face up against her nest of blonde hair. Then the sound of clomping boots and laughter. My heart thudded. The bedroom door crashed open and … Continue reading Clarissa’s Missives – Part Two