Martian Holiday

(1100 words) “Y’know, Liz,” said Charles one evening, “there’s a guy at work, he’s got a sure-fire idea to make one helluva lotta big-time dough!” Elizabeth Soulby raised her eyebrows. “Yeah, his name is Stanley, got an uncle by the name of Matthias Dale, a big shot in the aircraft business. Anyway, seems this Mr. Dale is offering shares in the first flight to Mars!” Elizabeth Soulby raised her eyebrows even higher. “Honestly sweetheart, this Dale guy knows what he’s talking about, got contacts in the air defence business.” Elizabeth squared her shoulders and put her hands on her hips. “Well, what the hell does this guy know that NASA doesn’t know then!” Charles sighed, “Simply this, he doesn’t have a million and one regulations holding him back. And he has Fan Evans on his team.”

The Girl from the Labyrinth

- “Called reception yet? I detest these flowers.” My wife gestured towards a sumptuous vase of orchids. -We’d entered the Palacio suite that morning. The lounge stretched to distant walls, dotted with plush leather sofas and gilded antique furniture. Jade and marble adorned the bathrooms whilst gigantic mirrors reflected to the fragrance of eucalyptus-scented towels. … Continue reading The Girl from the Labyrinth