A Kind of Peace

(750 words) “Hello, Darling, did you have a good morning?” “It’s half past twelve.” “Yes, I know it is. Is that a problem?” “I’m due at the dentists at two and I asked you to be back by twelve. I wanted to pop round to my mother’s first.” “For God’s sake. It’s only a twenty-minute drive to your mother's and twenty minutes to the dentist. You can still spend an hour gassing.” “No I can’t. She’s got to go out at one. That’s why I asked you to be back at twelve. Don’t you ever listen?” “Sorry, are you sure you told me?” “Of course I’m sure! Now I’ll have to go afterwards, so I’ll be pushed to pick the kids up.” “I can pick the kids up.” “No, I want to make sure they get home in one piece.”