Life Moves On

(700 words) There was a text from Suzie on my phone. It said, simply, ‘Mike, tell her, yes.’ Hmm. OK, well it went against my idea of common sense, but, well, ‘Suzie knows best.’ It was funny how it’d turned out. The three years we were together quickly lost their appeal and alternately rowing and not speaking to each other became the order of the day. Then she’d met Vernon and I’d met Judy and we’d gone our separate ways.

Saint Teresa of Woking

(1200 words) It was on a bleak February morning in Woking, whilst waiting for a number six bus, that I had the top of my head taken off. I remember a young couple arguing heatedly opposite the stop, absorbing me in their altercation so that I lost awareness of the bus pulling in. The vehicle’s wing mirror and my head collided and I came off the worst.

Saint Teresa of Woking – 600 word version

(600 words) Whilst waiting for the number six on a miserable wet morning in Woking I almost lost my head - literally. I was distracted, the bus’s wing mirror and my head collided and I came off the worst. I awoke in a private hospital room with some kind of contraption around my head. A male nurse entered and shone a torch into my eyes. He asked me some questions and told me I had a skull fracture and that I must remain to undergo tests and observation.