Three Lives

(550 words) “I’m a servant, milord, a maid to Sir Oswald’s household.” “And are you happy there?” I asked. “No, milord, cursed be the day I came into this house!” “What do you see around you?” “Stone flags, milord, and a great fire. There’s a kettle o’water a’heatin’ for the washing.” “Is it the scullery?” “Yes, milord, there be a great kitchen for the cooking.” “Is there anyone else there?” (subject laughs) “Yes, milord, there’s Jack, the varlet. He sits by the fire, his face red as any fox!”

Salmon and Soul

(1200 words) Tunsgate Green stood, thinking of Ruth, back in the cottage, typing away at her wretched manuscript. Some romantic nonsense, mainly to make up for the total lack of it in their lives, he imagined. Once she’d been young, vivacious, sexy even. He snorted. Hard to imagine that now! Their love life currently resembled … Continue reading Salmon and Soul

Angels and Cards

(600 words) “Everybody follow me please,” said the Angel, and a group of us proceeded into a large featureless chamber dotted sporadically with round tables and chairs. It reminded me of an austere oversized hospital waiting room in some impoverished Balkan state. “Hello, Jack.” It was Dad, and there was Mum too, just as she’d been in life in middle age. We embraced and slapped each other on the back, somewhat half-heartedly.