Don’t Know What to Write?

(800 words) Journalism was my husband’s profession. His name was Alan Worley and the ‘six honest serving-men’ gave his work the acuity and aplomb that propelled his novel, ‘Uprising in Eden,’ a tale of human duplicity in the garden of Eden, to fame. Following its prodigious success, he’d pulled the plug on his newspaper work … Continue reading Don’t Know What to Write?


Elf Service

- (700 words) ‘Boxes,’ was my first impression, looking out of the coach window at the Icelandic houses along the road. White boxes with corrugated pink and red roofs, like Monopoly hotels, deposited haphazardly by some unseen giant hand. “There’s no gardens,” said Fiona, my ‘other half.’ “No, that’s true.” There was grass around the … Continue reading Elf Service