I Dream of Diwana

(850 words) “Impressive isn’t it?” I smile. “Oh gosh, have I got to eat everything?” says my wife, Laura. In front of each of us lies a circular metal tray, in the centre of which stands a bowl of steaming rice. The grains are tiny, some coloured red, yellow or green. Surrounding it are small … Continue reading I Dream of Diwana

Promise Her the Moon

(800 words) “Be polite and listen carefully,” said the old man to his four daughters, “and don’t speak unless you’re spoken to!” Their names were Anshula, Bakula, Chandhini and Darshini. By the grace of God they had been born exactly three years apart so that all four shared the same birthday – today, November 1st … Continue reading Promise Her the Moon

To Cut a Short Story Short – The Book!

I’m very pleased and excited to announce that the ‘best of my blog,’ in the form of 111 stories, has just been published on Amazon in paperback as To Cut a Short Story Short: 111 Little Stories. All the stories have been rechecked, and revised where applicable, and the book has over 250 pages. It … Continue reading To Cut a Short Story Short – The Book!

Taylor Maid

(600 words) - “Imitated by many, matched by none!” Professor Norman King exclaimed, proudly gesturing to an image of a young woman on a screen behind him. “Bonita!“ There was a round of applause and knowing smiles were exchanged among the audience. The professor stood at a lectern. He was tall, slim, tanned and had … Continue reading Taylor Maid

Contents – To Cut a Short Story Short – 20th Mar 2017

Here the stories are listed according to the categories in the menu, namely 100 word stories, 200 word stories, 300-600 word stories, longer stories, TASWG, excerpts and blog (links open in new window/tab).lilnks open in nw  100 Word Stories 1 Don’t Mind the Police! 30th Nov 2015 2 Dream of a Stone Horse 30th Apr … Continue reading Contents – To Cut a Short Story Short – 20th Mar 2017

Having a Laff (excerpts)

20 Little Excerpts from the Humorous Side of My Blog (links open in new window/tab) It was a dull claustrophobic December day and flakes of grey-white snow were settling on the terrace behind King’s Antiquarian Booksellers. Maggie Swann, matriarch of Swann’s Rare Books, crossed it to enter an annex. Inside, in eerie silence, anonymous leather-bound volumes … Continue reading Having a Laff (excerpts)

The Hollow Santa

- (500 words) - Christmas 2026, and we had our best tree ever! It was green and frosted silver, perfectly proportioned and reached right up to the ceiling. Its branches were adorned with opalescent silver and golden balls, crimson poinsettia sprays and gold-frosted holly leaves. Giant white snow flakes twinkled in the light of red … Continue reading The Hollow Santa

Fibonacci ‘n’ Chardonnay

- (700 words) - Suzy tries to control herself, not wishing to give in to animal instincts. Yet. Her new ‘date,’ Stephen, gestures out through the Alfa Romeo’s window. “You can see it’s mainly built on one floor. It has a special layout, it’s perfectly rectangular.” She can’t believe her luck. Her internet date, for … Continue reading Fibonacci ‘n’ Chardonnay

Ringing the Changes

(1750 words)   [original 'publication' date Mar 1st 2016] I Leaving the dreary wet concrete of London behind me, I zoomed along the motorway on my way down to Sussex. It felt great without Lucy moaning that I was going too fast. Sod her! In warm sunshine, I drove along Poverty Lane into the village … Continue reading Ringing the Changes

Teeth Can Wait

(500 words) [original publication date 25th March 2016] My umbrella is up, but cold, angry drops somehow find their way down my neck. A white minibus trundles into view and I signal, feeling rain on my hand. The bus pulls over. It’s Lilly, my favourite driver. “Hello Julie, how’re you?” she says, smoker’s teeth smiling … Continue reading Teeth Can Wait