Here’s Looking at Your Kid

(650 words) “Well, did you hear about Gary?” Nadine’s face was flushed, as if drunk. “No.” “He’s just beaten the telesales record for the year and he’s only been here a month!” It was July. “What?!” “Well, Malcolm just posted the sales on the board. Go and look!” She laughed. “Speak of the Devil!” Gary … Continue reading Here’s Looking at Your Kid

Angels and Cards

(600 words) “Everybody follow me please,” said the Angel, and a group of us proceeded into a large featureless chamber dotted sporadically with round tables and chairs. It reminded me of an austere oversized hospital waiting-room in some impoverished Balkan state. “Hello Jack.” It was Dad, and there was mum too, just as she’d been … Continue reading Angels and Cards

Heartless Desires

- (600 words) - “June, could you iron this shirt for me please darling?” called Jim, holding up a pale lemon-coloured shirt with white stripes. His wife appeared with a sheaf of papers in one hand. “No, I’m busy, can’t you get your ‘floozy’ to do it? It’s her job isn’t it?” “Yes, but she’s … Continue reading Heartless Desires

Erection and Resurrection

(600 words) “‘Discontent’ should be your mother’s middle name. Dorothy Discontent Dawkins!” Sylvie laughed. “She’s not that bad!” “Yes, she is, she’s always complaining, criticising people all the time.” Sylvie wasn’t wrong. “She doesn’t like me coming round, and we never get a chance to, well, you know ...” She blushed. - That evening, Mother … Continue reading Erection and Resurrection

Cilice Sod

- Penance or Purgatory? As a practising Catholic, the daily dilemma. Until yesterday. After the office, I’d address my lascivious thoughts of the women there. I had my little ‘collection’ - hair shirts, a lightweight five-tailed ‘discipline,’ and others. Dissatisfied with Hail Mary’s and the like, I’d mop up the blood with an old towel. … Continue reading Cilice Sod

The Blob from Outer Space

Growing, the organism just kept on growing! A lighthearted scientific experiment, incubating a meteorite fragment, had gone horribly, terribly wrong. From a speck of jelly-like substance, the organism had doubled its size every hour. Now, just twelve hours later, it was pushing up the laboratory ceiling, a huge white blob of viscous cellular material. The … Continue reading The Blob from Outer Space

A Merry Dance

(1000 words) I It was a dull claustrophobic December day and flakes of grey-white snow were settling on the terrace behind King’s Antiquarian Booksellers. Maggie Swann, matriarch of Swann’s Rare Books, crossed it to enter an annex. Inside, in eerie silence, anonymous leather-bound volumes filled dusty bookcases. At the back was a steel cabinet, housing … Continue reading A Merry Dance

Rest Room

- - Exploding high in the stratosphere, America’s latest filled the screen with brilliant white. Observing from an expansive black leather chair in the impressively appointed conference room of Airforce One, the president shifted uncomfortably. “Mister President, reports coming in, 100 megaton yield, no fallout, looks like a success, sir!” The president felt his stomach … Continue reading Rest Room