Boxed Into a Corner

(1200 words) The long white envelope had changed everything, but it’d also changed the set of problems. Instead of, ‘How can I afford to pay the mortgage this month and still have money for food?’ it was, ‘What part of the country should I move to and how many acres of gardens do I want?’ Yes, those premium bonds sure came up trumps, even if they’d taken fifty years to do so!

Heartless Desires

- (600 words) - “June, could you iron this shirt for me please darling?” called Jim, holding up a pale lemon-coloured shirt with white stripes. His wife appeared with a sheaf of papers in one hand. “No, I’m busy, can’t you get your ‘floozy’ to do it? It’s her job isn’t it?” “Yes, but she’s … Continue reading Heartless Desires

Erection and Resurrection

(600 words) “‘Discontent’ should be your mother’s middle name. Dorothy Discontent Dawkins!” Sylvie laughed. “She’s not that bad!” “Yes, she is, she’s always complaining, criticising people all the time.” Sylvie wasn’t wrong. “She doesn’t like me coming round, and we never get a chance to, well, you know ...” She blushed.