Mediumship Development – A Personal Experience

(750 words) Readers of this blog may have noticed a certain psychic/spiritual theme to many stories. Well, I think I’ve always had an interest in things supernatural, but recently I had the opportunity to join a ‘development circle,’ so I thought I would share my experiences, for those with an interest in such things. Well, I’d heard the term ‘sitting for development’ and ‘development,’ but never realised what it meant. In a nutshell it means developing the ability to communicate with the dead!

Salmon and Soul

(1200 words) Tunsgate Green stood, thinking of Ruth, back in the cottage, typing away at her wretched manuscript. Some romantic nonsense, mainly to make up for the total lack of it in their lives, he imagined. Once she’d been young, vivacious, sexy even. He snorted. Hard to imagine that now! Their love life currently resembled … Continue reading Salmon and Soul