Blind Hope

(500 words) Hard as winter ice, soft as summer grass. Her mind and fingers played with the forgotten contents of a bottom drawer. She fluttered her fingers over a mixture of bric-a-brac and clothing, plucking out something silky. She held it to her face and inhaled the faded scent of roses. A blouse! Yes, one … Continue reading Blind Hope

The Electric Frying Pan

(500 words) - ‘Connect’ 10.05 service from Welwyn to Kings Cross pulled up at New Barnet station. I stood at the open door. It was February 2007, drizzling and cold. Where was Danny?! Suddenly a small stout figure appeared from nowhere, bundling along the platform. Seeing me, he threw himself through the door, his plump … Continue reading The Electric Frying Pan

Moonlit Gravestones

-(550 words)- Any evening you’ll find me walking round my village, a brisk half hour’s walk. It’s much later tonight, gone eleven. I got waylaid sorting out books in my library, sifting through collections of Daphne Du Maurer and Victor Canning first editions. I pass occasional houses, farms and cottages. Is anyone awake? Alive even?! … Continue reading Moonlit Gravestones

Scene in a Lincolnshire Churchyard

- (500 words) Eyes, beady all-seeing eyes, watched from above as I stood at my father’s graveside. I turned my binoculars to watch the bird circling high above an adjacent field. It was russet with white patches at the end of each elegant, outstretched wing, a span of at least five feet I adjudged. Although … Continue reading Scene in a Lincolnshire Churchyard

The Downfall of British Journalism

(500 words) Journalism in Britain, impartial investigative journalism, ended on May 3rd 2007, the day our media began saturation coverage of an event that occurred in Portugal. A little girl named Madeleine McCann, aged three, had disappeared from her holiday apartment. So what do I recall of that event? Non-stop coverage on TV with a … Continue reading The Downfall of British Journalism

New Year’s Eve Ritual

- (500 words) - Boxes, special boxes, lie at the bottom of my locked filing cabinet. Deposited there are letters and cards collected throughout my life. From grandparents, school-friends, parents, lovers, wives, children, more lovers, more children... Since the invention of e-mail though, they’ve been few and far between. Tonight it’s New Year’s Eve 2026 … Continue reading New Year’s Eve Ritual

The Hollow Santa

- (500 words) - Christmas 2026, and we had our best tree ever! It was green and frosted silver, perfectly proportioned and reached right up to the ceiling. Its branches were adorned with opalescent silver and golden balls, crimson poinsettia sprays and gold-frosted holly leaves. Giant white snow flakes twinkled in the light of red … Continue reading The Hollow Santa

Here Comes the Sun

- (500 words) - Communion with the sun, the ever-burning giver-of-life, was where they were headed. Interminable stone steps rose above them. They carried torches, tiny dots of light bobbing against the black mountainside. The man heard the girl’s sandals scuffing the stone and squeezed her hand. “Almost there.” She was young, slim, perhaps twenty … Continue reading Here Comes the Sun