The Butterfly’s Revenge – A Short Horror Story

(400 words) Leah glances anxiously around the waiting room. Everyone looks so calm. How the hell can that be? The waiting room is dim, perhaps a dozen men and women of all ages sit, staring ahead as though unseeing. The door opens and a bright light behind him silhouettes the towering figure of Dr. Chansette, a giant cockroach, six feet high. His antennae wave. “Miss Leah Hope?”

Guest Post: Until the Nows Come Home

Until the Nows Come Home by PETER RUNFOLA (400 words) “Honestly, I really just don't feel like doing that – or anything, truly – right at the moment. But ... later? Yeah, sure - I'll do it later.” So says This Moment. “Yeah, right – that's my name – lovingly coined by my dear mother, Here, & equally dear dad, Now.” “And, they're both quite proud of their little brainstorm ... in name anyway. Now {oops, sorry, Dad} if only I could live up to the immediacy imbued into my very being.“

If Two Witches Were Watching.. (400 word version)

(400 words) - Aspects of the cottage were unusual to say the least. A large white, winged-devil gargoyle hung to the left of a handwritten sign - Haunted Cottage. Julie and I exchanged glances. “Welcome, you found the place then!” A short woman in her sixties with a mop of long, incongruously-black hair answered the … Continue reading If Two Witches Were Watching.. (400 word version)

The Fabled Fox

- (400 words) - Persistence had paid off. The lady in the purple coat had shadowed the hunt many times without success, but today she came upon the hounds, surrounding a fox, the huntsmen yet to arrive. A window of opportunity! The fox was cornered, although the foxhounds seemed curiously indifferent. The L.I.T.P.C. rushed towards … Continue reading The Fabled Fox