A Stoical Man (poem)

Horizontally challenged, that was old Stan, But always so cheerful, a stoical man. Said his wife, Edna, “He’s an amicable bloke, But with only three inches, well, there ain’t much to stroke!” But Stan had his talents, for his missus to share, He wasn’t huge, true, but she didn’t care. Said Edna, “I shouldn’t complain about my old man, He’s a husband, a father, who does what he can.

Not to Forget, but to Forgive

To apologise, yearn to repent,To feel sadness in our heart.To now admit we caused your pain,We selfishly did start.And will it make it better?Will you feel good that we feel bad?Or are the words we use what matter? Mea Culpa – Je regretteFor actions done and said.That perhaps weren’t meant to do you harm,Or, yet, … Continue reading Not to Forget, but to Forgive