Contents – To Cut a Short Story Short – 20th Mar 2017

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Don’t Mind the Police!

“Police state, that’s what this bloody place is becoming!” Arthur complained, looking up at the mandible poking incongruously from beneath a peaked cap. The policeman’s protruding eyes swivelled down at him and Arthur noticed the creature’s diaphanous folded wings twitch. “Look out! Mantra.” said Stan, his companion. “We are honest, we love the king,” they … Continue reading Don’t Mind the Police!

The Suspect

“Police were here last night...” “Why?” “Girl was attacked, back of Robertson’s...” “So?” “So maybe you know something?” “Nope” “Where were you last night?” “Round Alex’s.” “Doing what?” “This ‘n that, playin’ x-box, nothin’ really...” “Anyone else there?” “Nah” “Isn’t there a chip shop near Robertson’s?” “Dunno..” KNOCK KNOCK [hall] “Sorry to trouble you again, … Continue reading The Suspect