TCASSS II on Audio

I'm very pleased to report that To Cut a Short Story Short, vol. II: 88 Little Stories has been produced as an audiobook, expertly narrated by Angus Freathy, the narrator of no fewer than 47 audiobooks featured on Audible! It runs for 9 hours and 32 minutes, and features the 'best of the blog' from July 2017 to December 2018 plus an extended 5000 word story, In Dulci Dubilo, not published on the site, an emotional roller-coaster of a story, stunningly brought to life by the audio rendition!

Postcard from Hispaniola

(150 words) Hello Darling, Well they were right when they said the recipe for a great marriage is to live in different countries! Missing you and ‘the babe’ though. Looking forward to our ‘meeting’ in the Autumn! As the pic shows, I’m in Port-au-Prince. Splashed out on a Caribbean Cruise, don’t be cross! Someone said, … Continue reading Postcard from Hispaniola

Contents – To Cut a Short Story Short – 20th Mar 2017

Here the stories are listed according to the categories in the menu, namely 100 word stories, 200 word stories, 300-600 word stories, longer stories, TASWG, excerpts and blog (links open in new window/tab).lilnks open in nw  100 Word Stories 1 Don’t Mind the Police! 30th Nov 2015 2 Dream of a Stone Horse 30th Apr … Continue reading Contents – To Cut a Short Story Short – 20th Mar 2017

Dream of a Stone Horse

Despite leaving early, we’d climbed the trail alone for hours. “How’re you feeling Sue?” I asked. “Thirsty.” We came upon an ancient shrine with a small stone horse. I stroked its weathered features and whispered, “We need water... Dhanybhaad!” I imagined it standing under the cold stars, desolate, longing to live and breath. “Namaskar!” A … Continue reading Dream of a Stone Horse

Don’t Mind the Police!

“Police state, that’s what this bloody place is becoming!” Arthur complained, looking up at the mandible poking incongruously from beneath a peaked cap. The policeman’s protruding eyes swivelled down at him and Arthur noticed the creature’s diaphanous folded wings twitch. “Look out! Mantra.” said Stan, his companion. “We are honest, we love the king,” they … Continue reading Don’t Mind the Police!

The Suspect

“Police were here last night...” “Why?” “Girl was attacked, back of Robertson’s...” “So?” “So maybe you know something?” “Nope” “Where were you last night?” “Round Alex’s.” “Doing what?” “This ‘n that, playin’ x-box, nothin’ really...” “Anyone else there?” “Nah” “Isn’t there a chip shop near Robertson’s?” “Dunno..” KNOCK KNOCK [hall] “Sorry to trouble you again, … Continue reading The Suspect

The Final Mystery

“Evidently the intruder gained access here,” said Holmes, tapping the high brick wall behind the Midland Bank. “But how ...?” “Look carefully, Watson, I opine these holes were made by metal-studded clogs!” “But where the Devil would a fellow get those?” Holmes took out a magnifying glass and looked carefully at the marks. “One and … Continue reading The Final Mystery