Fifty Word Stories

And now for something completely different …


I Had a Dream Last Night.

Lexxie’s showpiece silver dragon glistened in the waxing moonlight. Shadowed by their timeless ally, Ancient Oak, they worked like hammer and tongs.

The dragon’s sneeze sparked the carefully laid fire into life.

The assessor’s smile confirmed. Lexxie had passed module sixteen of her advanced practitioner, deep forest, fire sorcery degree.

(by Edward Fuller)


On the Sixth Day

God and Archangel Gabriel were taking a tea break. “Congratulations on all those animals,” said Gabriel, “Elephants, rhinoceroses, giraffes …. Very original!” He poured the tea. “Milk and sugar?”

“Yes, please.” God smiled, “You know, I fancy making a camel!”

Gabriel reached for the sugar bowl. “One lump or two?”



Ten minutes in, and I’m already lost. Everything suddenly looks the same.

A million thoughts fill my mind. I breathe.

“Stay calm,” a familiar voice whispers, “Look out for signs.” But I see none.

I think I see a mouse? Then no, he’s gone.

Maybe mediation is not for me.

(by Edward Fuller)

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