Not to Forget, but to Forgive

To apologise, yearn to repent,
To feel sadness in our heart.
To now admit we caused your pain,
We selfishly did start.
And will it make it better?
Will you feel good that we feel bad?
Or are the words we use what matter?

Mea Culpa – Je regrette
For actions done and said.
That perhaps weren’t meant to do you harm,
Or, yet, intended to disarm.
But with time’s all-crowning wisdom,
With the passing of the days,
We now admit we ‘got it wrong,’
See error in our ways.

And through God’s grace, we have a wish,
To take back what we said or did.
To numb the mind, to salve the soul,
To blank out memory,
To stay the bruising to your pride,
That lack of any thought,
Or selfishness, applied.

Know forgiveness can release all pain.
It calms the breast,
It soothes the heart,
And washes clean, like rain.
Not to forget, but to forgive,
To put away the thoughts of grudge,
Undoes the traps in which we live,
And frees us from the path we trudge.

But then, by equal,
Feel we the right,
For those who’ve hurt us,
To leave their fight.
To make amends,
Those heartless lovers, selfish friends.
Siblings blinded by base concerns,
To our true and honest yearnings,
Our soul’s desires,
To them,
As compared to earnings.

And, rarer than the rarest stone,
That’s mined in any quarry,
One day to hear those precious words,
“Lo siento”
„Es tut mir Leid“
« Je suis désolé »
“I’m sorry.”

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