The Medium is the Message

(600 words)

“Hello, Sherina, yes, I’ve received your payment, how can I help?”

“Well, the world’s divided into two kinds of people. Those who hear voices in their heads and those who don’t. Some get paid for it and some get locked away!”

“Ha ha, yes, I get paid for it, dear!”

“Oh, getting on for thirty years!”

“Well, we have ‘guides’ – people in spirit. They co-ordinate who comes through.”

“Yes, they do a great job, it can get pretty busy! OK, I’m hearing the name, Dianne, it’s a female energy, I’m feeling a lot of love, is it your mother, dear?”

“All right, I’m feeling a sharp pain in my chest. Did she have heart problems before she passed, perhaps a heart attack? Ah, I feel she passed quickly.”

“Oh, I’m sorry, dear, but she’s with me now, she says she’s fine now, and she sends her love … Sherina, are you OK, love?”

“Ah, yes, she’s just come to say hello, to let you know she’s fine!”

“Well, she’s showing me a garden with two swings, and two dogs, one’s a rough collie, black and white, the other’s a big brown thing, I’m not great on dogs!”

“Oh, yes, it is! He’s got a long muzzle and a big black nose.”

“Yes, my love, she’s bringing that through as a memory link, then. From when you were little, then … You’ve got photographs on the mantlepiece of her, she’s showing me?”

“Yes, have you noticed them being moved?”

“She’s been there and moved them, my love. To let you know she’s still around.”

“Yes, she’s often with you. Did you know?”

“Well, now you know, perhaps you’ll be more aware of her?”

“Ha ha. On, no, spirit won’t intrude if it’s private. Like if you’re in the loo!”

“But she’s saying she’s not keen on, Ian, is it? Yes, is he a boyfriend, dear? She’d question his motives.”

“That’s right. And sometimes he brings a friend, she’s saying.”

“Yes, well we won’t go there, dear!”

“No, it’s not for me to judge dear, I’m just the go-between. But, maybe listen to what mum has to say, eh?”

“Yes, and can I give you Andrea?”

“OK, well, she’s telling me that Andrea’s not to be trusted, do you understand, please?”

“No, don’t sign anything! That’s what she’s telling me, anyway.”

“Well, it’s up to you. I’m just the messenger. Perhaps speak to a financial adviser, love?”

“Ha, well you can choose your friends, but not your family, in-laws included!”

“OK, now, I understand you’ve been having bad headaches?”

“And it’s something you’ve suffered from for quite a while?”

“Well, she’s saying to try shamanic healing, she thinks it’ll help.”

“Just look online. Where are you, my love?”

“Oh, there’ll be a few around there. As I say, just check online, OK?”

“And can I give you October for a big anniversary or birthday?”

“Oh, yes, birthdays and anniversaries are still important to those in spirit, dear. They can go anywhere, at any time, and join in the fun!”

“Ha, yes, she’s showing me a big cake, it’s got a lot of candles on it!”

“All right my love, and mum’s giving you a bag of sherbet lemons! I was never too keen on those, they used to scrape the roof of my mouth!”

“Ha, that’s why she’s giving you them then!”

“All right, my love, I’ll leave you with her love and say God bless.”

“You’re very welcome, my love. And remember what she said about Ian and his … his, er, friends, eh?”

“All right, my love, Goodbye. Thank you.”

Featured in the book and audiobook, To Cut a Short Story Short, vol. II: 88 Little Stories

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