Three Quote Challenge: Day 3


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Rhonda Byrne, creator of The Secret answered four questions as part of their ‘Secret Scrolls’ newsletter last year. Her answers are inspiring and illuminating. I’ve posted number one as my ‘quote,’ but the others are linked to below if you’d like to read further advice from her.


Pinelopi: I would like to ask Rhonda how I can ignore the negative people/situations around me and focus on love & appreciation at the same time.


The way to deal with negative people or situations in your life is not to judge them. Have no judgment about negativity versus positivity. Neither is actually good nor bad. They’re both equal, but just different choices.

If you have the freedom to be positive, then you must allow others the freedom to be negative. No one can force you to be negative, just as you cannot force another to be positive.  You are free to choose what you want for you – and you choose positivity.  And it’s great that you choose positivity because your life will be much easier and filled with great things because of that choice.

It’s not your job to change other people. Your only job is you, and that is such a relief!  Let the others be as they are, and you be the shining example of love, appreciation, and positivity, and through that you will uplift others.

In the early stages, before you’ve stabilized yourself in a more positive, feeling-good frequency, other people and their negativity can seem to take you down.  In these cases, often the easiest thing to do is remove yourself as gracefully as you can from the situation. Do it as often as you need to. Remember – your job is you.

The better you feel, the less anyone else can affect you. Ultimately – when you’re feeling really good – no one else will affect you.  The better you feel the less problems you see.  The better you feel the less you will encounter anything negative. So, the ultimate task ahead is to feel good, and remember this: feeling good is your natural state of being.  You don’t have to work yourself into a frenzy to get there – all you have to do is not pay attention to the negative stuff. Don’t give any attention to negative thoughts; they don’t belong to you.  Don’t give your attention to negative feelings; they’re just sensations, and if you let them be, they will pass through you quickly. And don’t judge anyone or anything. In other words, don’t have an opinion about others.

In The Secret 10th Anniversary edition I shared ten of the most life changing insights I’ve had over the last ten years.  Here is one of them that is relevant for you:


I absolutely promise you that if you can follow this insight your life will transform! No matter who or what is happening around you, you will find that love and appreciation arises in you naturally, along with a bliss and happiness beyond what you’ve ever felt before.

Rhonda Byrne

Rhonda Byrne question 2

Rhonda Byrne question 3

Rhonda Byrne question 4

And my three nominations for day 3 are:

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Well worth having a look at!

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