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Blogging Fundamentals: Day 4 – A post addressed to my ‘dream reader’. (in 500 words)

dream reader picWhat happened to Day Three you may ask? Well, that task was to go to the Reader and find five blogs to follow. There were so many interesting ones though, I’m still undecided. So WIP on that one!

If you are also doing the course then, like me, you may be confused over the changing name/length. What started out as Learning the Fundamentals (the 14 day course I signed up for) seems to have morphed into Blogging Fundamentals, variously described as ‘a two week course’ and ‘a three week course’ and also seemingly called Blogging 101!
The three week course is five days a week so 15 in total. The contents appear to be the same as LTF with an extra task ‘Blog Events’ inserted towards the end. Guess I’ll just have to miss out on that one!
Anyway, getting down to the nitty-gritty, ‘today’s’ task is to write a post addressed to my ‘ideal reader’ – you perhaps? – and to include a new-to-me element too.
Well, I must admit I’d never given any thought to my ‘dream reader’, just writing for myself and a few friends. However, in posting existing stories to my blog and writing some new ones I have started to give more thought as to how they would seem to a hypothetical reader. Do they make sense? Would anyone really say that? etc.
As covered in my previous Blogging Fundamentals post, the To Cut a Short Story Short menu displays the different story lengths: 100 words, 200 words, longer stories (300 to 7224 words), stories, poems and essays done for a writing group (TASWG), and an index of all stories with their lengths.
If you select 200 words (say) then all the stories are visible, most recent first, and you can enjoy reading a few at a time. As you have to scroll down to read them from where you left off it might be easier to choose them from the index after a while though.
I personally find myself baulking at long stories and novels, whereas I don’t mind reading something half a page long or so. A very short story can also be memorable and thought-provoking of course.
As the sites are optimized for mobile and tablet viewing they are ideal for reading on a bus or train, and in bed.

So I guess my ‘ideal reader’ would be anyone who enjoys very short stories of a quirky nature covering different genres. So, if you fit the bill, why not give To Cut a Short Story Short a try!

Oh, and for the new-for-me element, I just learnt how to get a YouTube video to run from a certain point (thanks to a WordPress tutorial). So, not much to do with this blog really, but here’s a very entertaining video of mind-bending, zany public statues and sculptures, set to run from a giant clothes peg! (of course you can rewind and watch it from the beginning!).

Again, If you made it this far, many thanks for reading – see you with my next blog!

Don’t forget to check out some of the other stories on my blog. There are over 100! 

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