Titillating Titles and Tantalizing Taglines.

Blogging Fundamentals: Day 2 – ‘Take control of your title and tagline’ (in 300 words)

jelly wheels
Well, day two’s assignment of Learning the Fundamentals was to pick a new title and tagline. Hmm, not something I’d given much thought to, merely using my name and what the blog is about, namely ‘flash fiction’ i.e. short/very short stories.
Looking on WordPress Reader revealed a myriad of witty/attention-getting site names. OK, so I could see the point but wouldn’t it mess with Google’s indexing?
Twenty minutes of searching later, and none the wiser, I decided not to worry. After all, surely WordPress wouldn’t recommend we chose tags and titles that’d make our blogs LESS likely to be found, would they?!
The first thought that came to mind, for no reason at all, was Jelly on Wheels. A quick search revealed things called Jelly Wheels. Seems they’re used on skateboards. Too similar…
The next idea was the title of one of my stories, Dream of a Stone Horse. I like that but it sounded like it might get hits from the riding and sculpting fraternities.
Another thought was Inside the Mirror. On second thoughts, perhaps not…
Re-reading the WordPress ‘tips’ article, they suggested rejigging a phrase or a book or song title. Suddenly, To Cut a Long Story Short by Spandau Ballet started playing in my mind. Hang on a minute! What about To Cut a Short Story Short?! My blog is for ‘flash fiction’ which according to Wikipedia was previously known as Short Short Fiction. No entries for that title on Google. Good news! So, a new site name was born.
A tagline? Well, Curious Flash Fiction sounded good (it’s not Della Galton after all) and I thought I’d keep my name in there too. Job done!
Again, If you made it this far, many thanks for reading – see you with my next blog!

5 thoughts on “Titillating Titles and Tantalizing Taglines.

    1. Hi Wendy, glad you found the post and hope it will help if you are in need of a new title and/or tagline!

      Actually I feel a bit guilty, reading your comment, as I only got up to part four of Blogging Fundamentals before it fell by the wayside. However, I printed off and filed all the 15 assignments and I just looked through them. Despite what I’ve learned over the last five months there are still quite a number of useful tasks left to do. They’ve been on a writing assignment list on my study wall for quite a while so I guess it’s time I finished the course off! Good luck with your own progress with Blogging Fundamentals!

    1. Hi ‘Kutukamus’ thanks for your comment, and for someone *finally* liking this post!!

      Assuming that you are referring to the blog’s title 😉 I was very surprised it hadn’t been openly thought of before. I usually type my story titles into Google before publishing and not many are original. I thought I would wake up one day and think ‘why did I choose such a corny name for my blog?’ but so far that hasn’t happened! So good on WordPress Blogging Fundamentals for inspiring it!

      Incidentally I also found ‘curious flash fiction’ was original and just bought the .com domain! Expect the stories to get a bit ‘curiouser’ as time goes by!

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