Mirror Man

ouija board


Parker Fly, the ultimate guitar! I caressed the ruby red body – it was mine!
An enormous crash jolted me awake. My heart pounded. Otherwise deathly silence. Surely I hadn’t imagined it?
With apprehension I took a carving knife from the bedside cabinet drawer.
I crept downstairs, noticing a faint light from somewhere. In the hallway I stood in silence, my chest heaving. After what seemed an age, I ventured into the lounge and felt huge relief. A mirror had fallen off the wall onto my ex-boyfriend’s drum kit, smashing the snare drum. No wonder I’d woken up!
In the kitchen I found a candle still burning by the Ouija board I’d been playing with earlier. John had left his drum kit behind in his haste to move in with another woman. Then he’d gone and got himself killed in a stupid car crash. I’d wanted to say I’d forgiven him.
As I picked up the biggest portion of the broken mirror I gasped. Looking back at me was John, with his familiar crooked smile and hooded eyes. A great peace descended on me and I thanked the Universe, knowing all was forgiven. I blinked and the image had gone…

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