Biggest Brother

TASWG assignment: Write five Science Fiction plots in a few sentences along the lines of

1 – Pressing the Button

In the near future a device is invented which, when implanted into the brain, gives the user access to intense sexual gratification by simply pressing a button. However, the government then decide to tax the use of the device. Soon, people lose interest in relationships and work, preferring to sit pressing the button all day. However, without work they have little money and cannot afford to pay the tax, so resort to crime. Society begins to crumble…

2 – Blind Eye

Interplanetary space travel becomes possible and a planet is discovered, the home to a technologically advanced race, and a source of rare and valuable minerals and gemstones. The race welcome Earthmen and are willing to share their wealth and knowledge for free. The downside is that there is a subservient race also living on the planet and the ‘hobby’ of the advanced race is persecuting, torturing and killing them. To keep getting the freebies, governments order all space travellers to ‘turn a blind eye’ to this. One day, however, a VIP visitor decides to speak out…

3 – Dial-a-trait

In the not-too-distant future, a company, Behaviour Modification Robotics Inc. come up with a chip, which when inserted into someone’s brain, allows their ‘handler’ to select character traits they desire. Although outlawed by the government, those with enough money are able to buy the devices and have them clandestinely inserted into the heads of friends, partners and relatives. Suddenly life becomes so much pleasanter for the ‘handlers’. However, BMRI then reveal that due to a design fault, the device cannot be guaranteed to work for more than one year and a small percentage of ‘subjects’ may then go berserk…

4 – Goodbye London?

A man suspects that his wife is actually an alien. Spying on her reveals that she is in cohorts with three other aliens and that all four are implanted with the components of a nuclear device. He discovers that their plan is to meet with the intention of ‘fusing’ their bodies and thus detonating a thermonuclear device that will remove London from the map. Knowing that he must act, he fears ridicule from the authorities and despite everything, still loves his wife…

5 – Biggest Brother

On the 1st of January 2017 everyone in the world with an internet connection receives an e-mail from Google. ‘Happy New Year. Here is a list of the unsavoury websites you visited last year. Furthermore, in the interests of promoting moralistic norms, we have overridden your webcam and have video of you when visiting these sites. Please pay us $500 by January 31st to keep this material confidential.’

Governments around the world hold emergency meetings. Google has become too powerful and must be stopped!

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