Summer is Springing Up

TASWG assignment: choose your favourite season and write a poem or descriptive passsage about it.

Rain lashes on my window, but it’s a different rain. Lighter and brighter, it falls gently, whispering “spring is coming.” Then it stops and puffy white clouds laugh in the cerulean sky, whilst the sun’s rays ignite raindrops remaining on the glass, which glimmer with fire, like precious gemstones.
I go outside and the air has a different smell. Fresh and fragrant, alive, pregnant with a comforting promise. The sun’s rays warm my face and I know that indeed spring is coming. Like a tide, though it may recede at times as April progresses, it cannot be held back.
The days pass and chairs appear optimistically outside cafes and bars. Few venture outside to eat and drink, those who do wearing brave faces along with their overcoats. But as April eases into May coats come off and sleeves and skirts get shorter.
Vibrant green leaves replenish the trees, whilst flowers spring up in unexpected places, proudly displaying bright petals in many colours.
Then we sit at tables with beer sparkling amber or gold beneath a creamy head. With gratitude we feel the sunshine caressing our bare arms, sensing summer hovering just below the horizon. Sparrows and starlings, recently emerged from winter hideaways, hop erratically around the beer garden, seeking dropped morsels whilst keeping a wary eye out for cats and dogs.
The evenings grow longer and we sit with friends, enjoying companionship and laughter, sometimes listening to musicians, and neither remembering nor caring about the cold, damp, windy days so recently departed.

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