As Jehovah is My Witness

TASWG assignment: Write a short piece of dialogue, (200 words approx.) between two people without overusing the word ‘said’, and giving the characters individual patterns of speech so that the reader will be able to tell who is speaking by the speech alone.

“Hello, I’d like to talk about how Jesus can help you.”
“Sorry, I’m really busy right now.”
“You can never be too busy to let the Lord into your life!”
“Look, I was expecting a parcel, that’s why I answered the door.”
“Well, take this leaflet, it talks about how Jesus can help you, and about the truth of the Bible.”
“The Bible can show you how to live your life, if you let Jesus into your heart… Oh, boy, it’s pouring!”
“Look, come in until the rain stops.”
“Oh, thank you, till it passes, thanks!”
“Take a seat. I’ve just made some coffee. Would you like some?”
“God bless you, that’d be lovely.”
“Look, don’t you ever get fed up of this Jesus stuff?”
“The Bible tells us he was raised from the dead and ascended into Heaven.”
“Look, you take everything in the Bible as Gospel don’t you? How do you take your coffee?”
“The Bible is the word of God. White with two sugars, please.”
“Well, there’ve been many revisions of the Bible haven’t there, they can’t all be true!”
“And people were persecuted, put to death, for printing the Bible in English, the language of the common people.”
“Times change…”
“Well, sorry, but I don’t think I want to believe in the ‘truth’ of something like that!”
“As you wish. Nice coffee by the way!”

3 thoughts on “As Jehovah is My Witness

  1. Is this from a true interaction with a JW?
    I was raised by a JW grandmother and was often dragged along to predicate the truth to neighbors and I don’t recall hearing the name “Jesus” that many times, as much as I did hear, “Jehovah”.

    1. Hi Dina, no it’s not based on one particular incident, but on various calls by JW over the years, and on a book I read about the history of the bible. I don’t remember any JW caller mentioning ‘Jehovah’ (here in England) come to think of it, I think they just talked about God and Jesus.

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