Dream of a Stone Horse

stone horse
Despite leaving early, we’d climbed the trail alone for hours. “How’re you feeling Sue?” I asked.
We came upon an ancient shrine with a small stone horse. I stroked its weathered features and whispered, “We need water. Dhanybhaad!” I imagined it standing under the cold stars, desolate, longing to live and breathe.
Namaskar!” A bald, red-gowned man appeared on a magnificent grey horse. “You want eat and drink?”
“Yes please!”
A saddlebag yielded bottled water, bread and chicken. We ate ravenously.
He smiled and rode away. Looking back at the shrine, I gasped. The stone horse had disappeared.

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7 thoughts on “Dream of a Stone Horse

  1. I love these 100 or longer word stories. They are well-written and flat out amazing. I am glad I found your blog on accident!

    I would love to join your fortnightly group, but I would like to ask, is it at night? I really would love to join, I just would have to gather up my schedule and organize it better so I will have time.

    1. Hello, thank you so much, I’m really pleased you enjoyed some of the stories here!

      The deadline for the fortnightly group is 20.00 GMT every other Sunday (the next is Sun 27th Nov) but, of course, you can submit a story any time up to the deadline. There are currently ten people in the group (I hope to grow it to twenty or so) from all over the world, so for some the deadline will be in the evening, for some it will be in the morning. As long as you get the story/stories done and sent in in time there’s no problem. In any case I’ve found it really pays to write stories well before a deadline so that they can be ‘rested’ for a few days and reviewed before submission.

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      Thanks again for stopping by and for the follow. I’ve got four interesting posts scheduled over the next couple of weeks so look out for those!

  2. Just found you from ‘Reader.’ This is the coolest thing I have ever found, because I absolutely love stories. When I gather up enough courage would like to eventually join your fortnightly group.

    1. Hello Bernadette, so pleased you found my site and that you enjoyed this story. I hope you will find some others that you like!

      If you (or anyone else) would like to subscribe to the 300 word fortnightly story group please drop me a line via the contact page. Then you can join in if/when you wish. They are sent out by e-mail and I won’t be posting them here, although I WILL be posting longer versions of my own 300 word stories.

    1. Thanks! I assume you mean 100 word stories. They are quite challenging, but fun to do. Good luck!
      BTW I’m starting a 300 word fortnightly story group. Drop me a line via the contact page if you’d be interested in subscribing/having a go.

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