The Blob from Outer Space

Growing, the organism just kept on growing! A lighthearted scientific experiment, incubating a meteorite fragment, had gone horribly, terribly wrong.
From a speck of jelly-like substance, the organism had doubled its size every hour. Now, just twelve hours later, it was pushing up the laboratory ceiling, a huge white blob of viscous cellular material. The scientists cut the oxygen supply, hoping to suffocate it. To general dismay, they discovered the organism continued to grow without it.
Doctor John Kenwick grabbed the phone. “Get me Cameron on the line, we’ve got an emergency!”
Soon David Cameron’s plummy voice responded. “Hello John, what’s the problem? Has your ‘baby’ outgrown his nappy?!”
“David, we’ve got a real emergency here. It’s growing out of control!”
“Yes, John, I’ve seen the film!”
In deep space, an alien race prepared a nuclear seed. A creature with an unpronounceable name addressed an assembly. “Sadly, man’s egotism knew no bounds. The ‘blob’ will expand over the planet and its spores float into space again – threatening the entire galaxy!”
To general accord, the leader operated a control and the Earth, with all its history, religion, science and learning; the good and all the evil – became a supernova.

Featured in the book, To Cut a Short Story Short: 111 Little Stories

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