Ad Pacem

Peace – the deepest imaginable!
She gazed down on the mangled wreckage of two cars and a decapitated woman, bloody and spread-eagled on the empty carriageway. She could hear creaking metal and smell leaking petrol. In one vehicle she saw herself, intact but lifeless.
She’d been going to a literary meeting and saw her copy of ‘The Acceptance World’ by Anthony Powell, thrown across the road, in tatters.
In the distance she heard sirens and saw flashing lights approaching.
Aware of a brilliant, golden light behind her, she found herself being drawn towards it, then blissfully floating along a dazzling white tunnel.
Her passage was interrupted by a beautiful young woman with enormous golden wings.
“It is not yet time, you must return.”
“No, please!”
“I’m so sorry..”
She noticed the angel was crying and lovingly kissed her soft, warm cheeks.
Below she could see ambulance staff attending to the bodies, administering CPR to hers.
“John, she’s coming round, let’s get her out.”
Bang! – she was back in her body, alive and in great pain.
She knew her crushed legs would never walk again, but then despair turned to hope. She could taste salt on her lips and she knew!

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