The Story of a Bullet

Faster than the speed of sound he flew on a November afternoon. He wasn’t malicious, but he had a mission. He’d heard it said that his kind had killed untold millions of people and animals…
Now he flew over cheering crowds with banners. How refreshing after being incarcerated in a box with uncommunicative fellows! Scantily clad girls smiled in the unseasonal sunshine. He remembered an explosion, then quickly passing through a dark tube out into the warm, fresh air. The tube had made him spin, he felt a bit dizzy, but he must fly straight and true!
Then he saw the ‘target’, a man being driven through crowded streets, past the Dallas Electrical Company, waving. He saw the man getting closer and closer then – Bam! – into the man’s head.
His energy was weight multiplied by speed squared and although small he went extremely fast – a lot of energy!
He hit some bone and it shattered, then some red stuff and then more bone, then out into the air again, exhausted. Traveling faster than sound, no-one had even heard the gun yet!
When someone was shot they said the bullet had their name on it. This bullet’s name was John.

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