Mind Your Subconscious!

“Inventions of the subconscious mind, landscapes of the night – dreams!” Professor Quint spoke dramatically. The students paid rapt attention.
“Dreams can have the most fantastical plots – it’s as if your subconscious mind is instantly composing a complex screenplay. You may encounter all manner of strange beings but believe them to be real! Meanwhile, our feelings and emotions remain essentially the same as in waking life.” The professor cleared his throat. “Some think these worlds blossom solely from our own minds, others think not.”
“Where do dreams come from then?” a pale youth asked, somewhat aggressively.
“That’s the big question,” replied the professor, warming to his theme. “I’d suggest that they are partly drawn from the projected thoughts of humanity, stored in the ether since the dawn of civilization. The psyche taps into these, stimulating subconscious creativity.”
“Now, would anyone like to recount a recent dream?”
“I would, but I need to demonstrate,” said Olivia, an attractive young Latvian.
She came forward, embraced him and kissed him fully on the lips. He could taste the faint sweat on her face and her perfume filled his senses.
The alarm clock sounded. ‘Damn!’ thought the professor, awakening, ‘it was just getting interesting!’

Featured in the book, To Cut a Short Story Short: 111 Little Stories

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