A Personal Experience

Later on in the dream, with the tour bus about to depart, unable to find my hotel room and having yet to pack, I became aware I was dreaming. Knowing I was now all-powerful and no longer needed to concern myself with such things, I thought about flying.
Suddenly I was soaring, looking down from a great height at vast snow fields, blinding in the sun, and verdant valleys with canopies of exotic jungle foliage. I could smell and taste the tang of rushing air, fresher than I could ever remember.
Then I sensed consciousness returning, the dream ended and I found myself sitting up in bed.
The room was lit by a soft glow and I noticed the vacuum cleaner at the foot of the bed, surrounded by a red luminescence. Knowing that in waking life it was kept in the hall I began to feel anxious and then, slowly and evenly, felt myself lowering down to the mattress until I was flat on my back once more.
I lay there, anticipating waking from this latest dream. Gradually it dawned on me that I was already awake. Anxious to tell of the experience I shook my wife’s shoulder….

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